Girlfriends Films Wraps B. Skow's 'Conjoined,' Huff Post Takes Note

VALENCIA, Calif. — Continuing in the vein of over-the-top, am-I-reading-that-description-right porn birthed from the distribution deal between B. Skow and Girlfriends Films, comes its production “Conjoined,” a tale of attractive and sexually active sisters literally attached at the hip.  

HuffPost featured the upcoming film in an article today, exposing the twisted plot (and even one extremely twisted photo) of what might be the next big kink: Siamese twins.

Up to bat as the female leads (and onscreen “twins) are adult stars Mischa Brooks and Rilynn Rae, despite the fact that Rae is a whopping 8-inches taller than her petite counterpart, Brooks.  

Skow said that the conception of “Conjoined” occurred when he was watching a YouTube clip of twins who were mismatched in weight. He began wondering about their interpersonal dynamic, their sex lives, etc…

Possibly because Girlfriends Films is primarily a lesbian studio (B. Skow directed their first boy/girl release under their current partnership), they both lean towards women, in varying degrees.

"One is more lesbian than the other, but both like girls," he said. "They don't have sex with each other. When one is having sex with another person, they will put a sheet over their sister. Still, the other will feel things that her sister is doing."

During the two-day shoot, Rae admitted that the most challenging aspect of filming was maneuvering with the odd prosthetic that joined her to Brooks and kept splitting apart. Skow satirizes their predicament by opening the film with a shot of them attempting to play Twister.

Aside from the jarring visual aspect of the film, the cast hinted that the plot underlying “Conjoined” is plenty deep and plenty dark.   

"This wasn't written to be a circus act. I'd like to do a sequel, but I'd have to do a 'Star Wars' thing to bring someone back to life," Skow said, not so subtly revealing a tragic finale.

"We talked on the set about how ridiculous this sounded, but I think people will connect to it," Rae said "The story is touching."

Skow has been no stranger to controversy as of late: his recent film “Daddy’s Girls” sent ripples of apprehension through the adult and mainstream worlds for tackling themes of incest, rape, cancer and even blindness. Odd, given that in a 2007 interview Skow underscored his lack of interest in excessively “dramatic” porn, focusing primarily on fun and playful pictures.  

Girlfriends Films told XBIZ that the “Conjoined” is slated to release this Fall, and to ignore the HuffPost’s announcement of an early 2014 street date.