Free Speech Coalition Lifts Moratorium on Adult Productions

LOS ANGELES -- The Free Speech Coalition announced late Tuesday that the moratorium on adult productions has been lifted. A PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services—formerly APHSS) panel of three doctors met and confirmed the following:

*All performers who worked with Cameron Bay have tested clean. FSC confirmed last week that Bay had tested positive for HIV
*August 19th is beyond the 14-day window period for the Aptima HIV test

FSC indicated that therefore, it is safe to lift the moratorium under the following conditions:

*All test panels taken prior to August 19th are now expired on the PASS database
*Any performer who tests clean after August 19th is safe and available to work
*In the process of reviewing the case the PASS Medical Advisory Council agreed to meet later this week to consider revising the minimum test requirement from 28 days to 14 days.

FSC thanked industry producers, directors, performers and agents for honoring the moratorium to ensure performer safety.