Vibrators Ease Menopause Symptoms, Report Says

SAN FRANCISCO — Good Vibrations is reinforcing a recent Huffington Post article in which Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a Yale University School of Medicine clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology, says vibrator use may treat uncomfortable menopause symptoms.

In the interview, she explains that regular vibrator use counteracts vaginal dryness and weakened muscle tone associated with menopause. An alternative to hormonal treatment, regular vibrator use improves "reproductive and pelvic health help by stimulating pelvic blood flow, which increases vaginal moisture and boosts sexual response, all of which making sex (with or with a partner) more enjoyable."

Dr. Minkin specifically recommends We-Vibe as as alternative to estrogen therapy for menopausal women.

"Like any muscle, the vagina is best kept healthy with regular exercise – it’s the 'use it, or lose it' mentality," Dr. Minkin told XBIZ. "I recommend my patients use a vibrator like We-Vibe three to four times a week, but as Mae West said, 'Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!' Also, I suggest patients use lubricants along with the vibrator since the body-safe product is made of medical-grade silicone."  

Good Vibrations says Dr. Minkin's advice is in line with the company's philosophy of sexual health and wellness that it has been sharing for 36 years including recommending vibrator use for pleasure and overall physiological health whether having solo or coupled sex. Good Vibrations also makes and carries Please, a water-based lube that works great for anyone with sensitivities and vaginal dryness issues.

Dr. Minkin explains, "Therapeutically, frequent vibrator use can prevent and ward off conditions such as painful vaginal dryness and atrophy. Within a month, women should notice a difference (even past menopause). ...The reality is, vibrators are a great, no-side effect solution to an issue that millions of women suffer from. My goal is to educate women that vibrators aren't something to be embarrassed about -- not only are they fun, but they also help women stay comfortable and happy during this sometimes uncomfortable stage in life."

"It's always noteworthy when medical professionals realize the value of sexual pleasure to overall health," says Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist Carol Queen, PhD. "Dr. Minkin's patients are very fortunate to have such a savvy and aware physician. Over the years Good Vibrations has often worked with in-the-know MDs, and we are very honored to partner with doctors to help support healthy sexuality and overall wellbeing."

According to the company, Good Vibrations Sex Educator/Sales Associates ("SESAs") receive extensive sexual health and wellness education and are uniquely equipped to handle questions about menopause and other relevant topics.