Axel Braun to Require Mandatory Hep C Tests on All His Movies

LOS ANGELES — Director Axel Braun announced Thursday that he will require all adult performers who appear in his movies to undergo mandatory hepatitis C testing for all future shoots.

The requirement will be in place for all Axel Braun Productions shoots, and will also extend to all projects that Braun will direct for other companies.

“Recent events involving a possibly undisclosed case of hepatitis C have made it very clear to me that the adult industry needs to implement additional measures in order to safeguard the health of our performers," Braun said.

"Requiring a mandatory Hep C test is an important step toward a more comprehensive system to limit the risks of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases without resorting to wearing hazmat suits. Hopefully more companies will follow on this path, as we continue to fight for the survival of our industry against Measure B."

Braun told XBIZ that in all his experience on the set, he has yet to encounter a hepatitis situation. 

"In 23 years in the industry I have never seen a positive hepatitis C test, simply because it is not a mandatory test. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be," Braun said. "I believe that preventative measures and transparency, along with educating talent on the risks of the job, are our best approach in order to protect our performers and their sexual partners without destroying the industry.

"Sure, we could also wear condoms, gloves, dental dams and hazmat suits, but that would be like asking the NFL to start playing flag football. The past year saw more than 160 NFL players injured with concussions, and that number grows exponentially among college, high school, and youth league players."