Tasha Reign Pens 1st Column for BroBible.com

CYBERSPACE —Tasha Reign has agreed to play sexual sheppard to the “cyberbros” of BroBible.com and contribute an advice column twice monthly.

Her first column “15 Things Women Want You to Do in Bed (Part 1)” published last week, delineates different ways in which “dudes” can keep their bedmates sexually satisfied.

“Some might call these tips lifehacks,” the site says. “We'll just call them vital.”

According to Reign, the things women want you to do in bed extend far beyond (and before) the threshold of the bedroom. Reign says a little effort — perhaps even a full-fledged date! — might make women more excited to dive between the sheets.

She writes, “1. Do something with her before or after the act, movie, dinner, event, drinks, games —anything. It makes the whole act seem like an event and something that she may want to go above and beyond to please you during, instead of a sex session just for you.”

She repeatedly underscores the importance of sensual peripherals, like: eye-contact, compliments, snuggling and, she says most importantly, exuding confidence.

“ 7. CONFIDENCE is key, that’s the hottest thing a man can wear, period,” she wrote.

Reign’s advice does breach more explicit realms (remember, the site is called BroBible). The porn star warns young bucks against going “straight to pounding away at her like the jack hammer performers you have seen.”

“Performance sex is for whomever is watching. Real sex is for whomever is partaking,” she writes.

Reign concludes on a note of longevity: “15. Text her after the date and reinforce how nice it was to ‘hang out.’ Tell her you enjoyed playtime and whatever else you did. Genuine appreciation always makes me feel more open to doing it again. Consistency will go a long way.”

Part 2 will move beyond what Reign calls the “basics” presented in the first column, to “slightly depraved but delicious” tips to help men improve their sex life. She says the rejoinder will be up and running on the site in two weeks.

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