Forno Announces Smart TV App for Australia, New Zealand

Bob Johnson

LUXEMBOURG — Forno announced today the release of its smart TV adult app for Australia and New Zealand.

The app was previously only available in Europe and the U.S.

Forno said smart TV viewers in the Antipodes can now watch a wide range of adult movies, more than half of which are in HD, from some of the most famous adult studios from around the world.

“We are delighted to be going live in Australasia with our forno premium services as we continue to expand worldwide. Adult content, contrary to what many think, can be offered in a secure manner, in far superior quality and all within the privacy of the home thanks to connected TV devices," marketing director Matt Rahman, said.

In order to access the app, users need to first visit the app store on their smart TVs and download “woomi.” Once inside, they will see an adult button that will open forno and allow the viewer to access the content.

Registration is free and once completed, viewers receive a complimentary premium adult movie.

Further information about compatible devices can be found here.