Maxx Padilla Launches Novelty Company, Rockit Utilities

LOS ANGELES —Maxx Padilla, producer, director and brand manager for Pornstar Camhouse, has announced the impending Sept. launch of his adult novelty company, Rockit Utilities.

Padilla, whose first toy is directed exclusively at men, seems to have been both inspired and challenged by existing female toys, and the effect they have on their consumers.

"Every live show I produce I see that the girls are absolutely in love with this one particular toy,” he said. “It works on all levels for them, so I wanted to create a product that men can't live without — their new best friend!"

The female novelty market, Padilla says, is “plentiful and strong,” whereas the male market is dominated by a few companies that he finds to be lacking in equivalent quality.

“When developing my first product, I tried out the competitors and found them to be underwhelming in features and usability,” he said. “I wanted to invent something that was totally different in design, while solving the problems people had with my competitors’ products.”

After addressing the outstanding issues plaguing male novelties, Padilla gave his erotic toy “extra features the competitors didn’t have” and adorned it with his seal of approval.  

“Suddenly I had an amazing all-in-one device that every man would love to own,” he said.  

When I figured out how to do that i added some extra features the competitors didnt have and suddenly i had an amazing all-in-one device that every man would love to own.", says

Details for the product are currently limited, but Padilla says it will be revealed it Sept.

The official Rockit Utilities website has launched; questions can be sent to

Prior to his new position at Pornstar Camhouse, Padilla served as vice president of Tera Patrick’s production company TeraVision, under the alias Sancho.