Sureflix Digital Distribution Releases 3.0

TORONTO — Sureflix Digital Distribution Inc, announced today the relaunch of on the new Sureflix platform.

The company said the new features and functionality represent a significant overhaul for and the Sureflix network.

Users now have a one-stop-shop suite of options. A new layoout provides easier navigation and menu structure thathighlights users’ favorite categories, studios and stars for easy access. Hovering over any image brings up details about the movie and provides quicker viewing.

A “My Library” feature allows viewers to keep track of and find favorite scenes and “Stream-To-Own” titles. Users can also flag and sort favorite stars while searching for other content.

All of the new features are available on “all screens” so content can be managed on any device.

The company noted that the new features and functionality are on par with the best non-adult VOD sites and that today’s customers are only willing to pay for content if it provides a better customer experience, and saves them time and effort.

“As a long-standing VOD network, we re-evaluated our customers’ needs. We reviewed everything from the pricing to the way the content should be encoded. By introducing 3.0, the efforts of the Sureflix team reflect this research and our commitment to being the VOD standard bearer for consumers by making it easy for them to find and watch their favorite content,” CEO Erik Schannen, said.

The new features will also be available to all affiliates of Sureflix’s Private Label Theaters.

“I’m very excited to introduce Maleflixxx 3.0 as a dynamic delivery platform that enables users to ‘Stop Searching and Start Watching.’ We have made it much easier for customers to find their favorite content from their favorite studios and to discover what's new,” continued Schannen. “Maleflixxx 3.0 is not a simple website re-launch. It provides much more: Maleflixxx is the platform behind the large Sureflix network of Private Label Theaters and thousands of affiliates. This new platform opens the door for future product development. Keep an eye on us for future announcements.”