Sydney Leathers 'Weinergate' Video Hits the Internet

LOS ANGELES — In one of the quickest celebrity sex tape deals to hit Porn Valley, the Sydney Leathers “Weinergate” video has debuted online.

In less than a week after a meeting between New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner and Vivid Entertainment co-founder and chairman Steven Hirsch, TMZ broke the news that Leathers' hardcore masturbation movie is ready for viewing at

No details have been released as to why the film was released without typical hype and fanfare, nor the amount of Leathers’ paycheck, but Hirsch told XBIZ, "She was initially undecided about going down this road, but there had been topless photos of her on the Internet already.  She saw this as an opportunity to have control over any future footage of herself."

Leathers’ intro on the Vivid website says, “I'm Sydney Leathers. Anthony Weiner and I had a "sexting" relationship for several months, and that came out in the press, so here I am! We had phone sex several times a week while this was going on. We did send each other pictures. They were pretty much all nude. He would always compliment me on my breasts, my ass. He would tell me stuff about my feet, and how good I looked in heels. I responded back and basically told him anything I thought he wanted to hear. Here's my fully nude video. Check it out.”

The site also teases nude photos of Leathers.

In Vivid’s promo clip Leathers said she responded to Weiner’s sexting and “… basically told him anything he wanted to hear.”