NakedSword, DirtyBoyVideo Partner for New Series

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword announced today a partnership with New York-based DirtyBoyVideo to create a new “Down & Dirty” series.

The studio described the content as "Brooklyn realness, raw enthusiasm and misspent youth” that features New York talent Giovanni Lovell and Jimmy Roman in the debut scene now playing on NakedSword.

"We partnered with DirtyBoyVideo to create this series because we wanted to capture an East Village/Brooklyn vibe. They know this scene, because they live it. They are the real deal," NakedSword President Tim Valenti said.

He added, "As we grow our original productions, we're increasingly looking to partner with people who can deliver the best of their genre. We want to help studios grow, and make NakedSword the home base for creative, original adult programming, like an HBO or Netflix."

"Down & Dirty" isn't NakedSword's first attempt to capture a younger, rougher, more “hipster” gay aesthetic, according to the studio. NakedSword and DirtyBoyVideo partnered on the gay porn sitcom series “Dirty Tricks” that garnered national attention in 2008 after star Crazy James appeared on TV’s “Big Brother.”  Also, NakedSword's explicit hit indie feature, “I Want Your Love” made international news after it was banned in Australia and defended by James Franco.

"We like taking risks and going after new markets," Valenti added. "These guys aren't the buffed, West Hollywood gym rats having sex in a rented mansion — though we have do have plenty of that on the site — they're real guys having real sex in a real place. We're really excited to show the new series to our members."

"I was thrilled to produce this content for NakedSword and I'm excited because of their huge platform that it will be seen by a large audience around the world,” DirtyBoy owner and director Andy Fair said.  “We created an edgy series that brings some real east coast swag to NakedSword's San Francisco coolness. I'm sure fans are going to eat it up."