Vibease 'Smart' Toy Vibrates to Erotica

SAN FRANCISO — Unlike most vibrators, “the world’s first smart vibrator” Vibease doesn’t forsake your largest sexual organ — the mind.

Vibease purports to titillate neurons (along with your nether regions) through its ability to alter its intensity and rhythm based on the content of erotica downloaded from its mobile app store.

“If the voice in the story says ‘your skin feels so soft’ the vibrator will vibrate softly. If the story moves to ‘I miss you so badly,’ the vibrator will respond accordingly and vibrate harder,” Hermione Ways says in Vibease’s informational video.

“We know that women have many different fantasies, so the market place offers endless scenarios,” she adds. Customers not satisfied with the existing selection of scenarios can create their own and share them online, the video says.

Because of its size and shape, Vibease can reportedly be slipped into clothing and enjoyed “hands free” when coupled with a Bluetooth headset to receive audio from a smartphone.   

In the video, Way selects a story with a picture a woman in handcuffs, evoking a “Fifty Shades” comparison; the written product description confirms the connection, “Imagine listening to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ with a hands free vibrator that works in perfect sync with the audio fantasy. The experience will have your toes curling.”

The app’s messaging system and wireless control can also be used for long-distance intimacy, where one partner controls the other's vibrator remotely from “the office or on the other side of the world.”

Though still in the crowdfunding process, Vibease has already received $26,030  on Indiegogo (It’s goal was $15,000) and has 29 days left to campaign.    

Aside from its “techier” features, Vibease says it can be used sans-smartphone as a regular vibrator and is both waterproof and rechargeable.