Tickler Introduces Trainer Toyfriends

SWEDEN — Tickler has introduced a new line of kegel exercisers called Trainer Toyfriends.

The Trainer Toyfriends come in two versions, the Single with a larger size and lower weight for an easier “beginner squeeze,” and the Double with more weight in two slimmer sections for a tougher but still enjoyable pelvic workout.

Both are made in the Tickler trademark smooth and seamless body-safe silicone and are completely solid.They are anatomically designed, easy to clean and safe to use.

For retailers, Trainer Toyfriends come in a box with an acrylic display that allows the product to be seen and touched. The Trainer Toyfriends are anatomically designed for easy insertion and extraction with a curved push-in surface and silicone string. They also come with a one-year Tickler warranty.

The recommended retail price for Trainer Toyfriends is $21.90 for the Single Trainer and $29 for the Double.

For more information, contact (855) 697-8363, or email info@toyfriend.us.