'Kris Jenner Show' Features Sportsheets, Booty Parlor Products

LOS ANGELES — Yesterday’s episode of the “Kris Jenner Show” on FOX showed audience members how to spice up their love life using sex toys from companies like Sportsheets and Booty Parlor — and special guest Mario Lopez.

“Who doesn’t want great sex?” Jenner asked the audience, after a cooking segment. “If you’ve been married as long as I have, then maybe your love life could use a little spicing up — sorry Bruce.”

Jenner, Lopez and sex expert Lauren Frances busied themselves over a table of "sexy goodies" hand-picked by Good Vibrations.

Frances first introduced her co-hosts to Booty Parlor’s Kissable Body Shimmer. Lopez demonstrated its “lickability” by smearing it on Jenner’s neck and removing it with his mouth. Jenner quickly returned the favor by drawing an arrow pointing down on his neck with chocolate body paint and similarly licking it off.

The sex expert continued to highlight the importance of sensation play by blindfolding Lopez, allowing Jenner to “tie” him up with kinky bondage tape and spraying him with vanilla-scented perfume that she developed herself.

Jenner then grabbed Sportsheets’ feather tickler and began teasing a helpless Lopez.

“Does the man at some point get involved?” Lopez asked.

Each member of the audience was given a free Sportsheets “flirty” tickler and roll of kinky tape, courtesty of Good Vibrations

"We are so proud to see that Sportsheets has reached a new level of mainstream success," Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. "There's nothing quite like seeing our brand on the small screen."

To watch the full episode on YouTube, click here.