Fun Factory Launches New POS Concept, Wins Award

LOS ANGELES — German sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory unveiled a new point-of-sale concept at the ANME Show, where the company also received the Vibrator of the Year Award from

Emilie Rosan, director of marketing at Fun Factory USA, says, “We now offer a set of 10 different instructional six inch foam-core circles to be mounted on the edge of store shelves. These pieces of signage do not take any space in the shelf itself. They come with a little clip that attaches to the edge of shelves. The signage hovers in front of the shelves and can be adjusted to sit either above, before, or bellow the toys on display. These circles are both instructional and decorative. They replace the product cards we used to give out to retailers for their shelf merchandising.”

The display features six-inch circles with product information for each category of Fun Factory toys, including Battery Minis, G4s, Duke, Cobra, Dildos, Share, New CnC minis and Smartballs. The signs include the Fun Factory logo and a “Made in Germany” emblem, and are available for free.

“We know that retail sales are strongest in stores merchandising the Fun Factory products all together in a branded Fun Factory corner, as opposed to dispersing them throughout the store,” Fun Factory CEO Fred Walme said. “Our new merchandising material allows retailers to customize their Fun corner and integrate our brand into their own retail visual identity. The circles are discreet and less imposing than a big branded piece of Fun Factory furniture. They simply help make a store’s Fun Factory area more lively while providing important information to consumers about the line as a whole as well as individual products.”

Fun Factory USA also won the Vibrator of the Year Award from Tom Nardone personally handed the award to the team at its ANME booth on Sunday, July 14.

“It’s a huge honor to accept this award from Tom at,” Walme said. “Both he as a businessman and his e-commerce outlets are very well respected. Tom founded his business in 1998 and knows every toy on the market. This award goes out to only one product each year for the last seven years. We are really proud to have Stronic become part of’s Hall of Fame.”

Fun Factory USA also launched two new rechargeable mini vibrators (Pearly and Flora) along with the Stronic Zwei.

Walme says, “Our entire stock was committed by the 2nd day of the show. This was a very successful launch for both categories of products: the 2 new vibrators and the Zwei pulsator. I want to thank all our retail partners for their loyalty and their trust in the Fun Factory products.”