Entrenue Brings ‘Willaboo’ Male Masturbator to U.S.

PHOENIX — Entrenue is introducing the Willaboo male masturbator, one of the only masturbator sleeves featuring a smart, discreet and disposable design, to U.S. adult retailers.

Inflatable for customizable accommodation, the Willaboo can be used at home or on the go.

Featuring a smooth, soft surface that stretches as it inflates, the Willaboo can be blown up with air or filled with water of varying temperatures to create a firm masturbation sleeve of varying tightness and warmth. Its construction stretches to accommodate almost any preference and is disposable.

Made of polyethylene — a skin-safe latex alternative used in condoms — the Willaboo is recyclable and is ideal for users with sensitive skin. Each unit is packaged in a small flat foil pack.

“We always appreciate a product that offers true value to the consumer and the Willaboo does that and more,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “The clever design gives users a customizable experience without the need to clean and store it between uses, which many users find to be a hassle. The inflatable design is so simple, yet impressively effective, and puts the consumer in control of his experience.”

The Willaboo is available in single or 5-SKU packs. Each order comes with a custom-made peg talker exclusively available from Entrenue.

To order, please call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.