Another Bree Olson Billboard Pops Up

PITTSBURGH — Another Bree Olson billboard hawking hook up site has gone up, this time in Pittsburgh’s Overbrook neighborhood.

Earlier this year, the Toronto-based company’s first Olson billboard that hinted at oral sex caused a dust up in Chicago. The strategically censored tag line read, “Because the best job, is a b**wjob,“ and targeted the Windy City because of the city’s high unemployment rate.

The new billboard features Olson alongside the caption, "Hey Students, Need a Summer Job? Date a Sugar Daddy!"

ArrangementFinders CMO A.J. Perkins said he’s hopeful his campaign “will capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of aspirational co-eds hanging around the Carnegie Mellon campus this summer.”

Perkins said Olson’s ad has already generated more than 8,000 members in the Pittsburgh area.

The website is reportedly owned by Avid Life Media that also operates cheating website