EroAdvertising Adds New Features, Options to 'IM Popups'

Rhett Pardon

OSS, The Netherlands Adult advertising network EroAdvertising has announced new features and expanded options for the “IM popup” ad spaces.

A publisher can now choose what to display within each IM popup ad space.

  • Banner ads (with text ads as a failover)
  • Banner ads only
  • Text ads only

The IM popup-function, if filled with either of these banner ads, now supports various formats and sizes.  Filling the IM popup ad space with only text ads will remain available in just one format. The publisher can set which formats and types they want displayed.

An advertiser can also upload various banners in several different sizes, which the publisher can then set to allow, or disallow, for the IM popup ad space.

Advertisers can, through a RON (run of network) banner campaign, now allow, or disallow, that their banners are loaded into IM popup ad spaces, besides the existing banner ad spaces.

They can also, through a CPM (most per mille/thousand) targeted IM pop-campaign, now upload banners in various sizes that are set to be accepted by the publisher for the 'IM popup' ad-spaces.

“Being innovative is one of our unique selling points,” CEO Jan Huibers saod. “Our programmers are constantly focused on ways to create and optimize what the users need or run into in this fast moving market.”

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