Moody Jones Joins AdXpansion to Beef Up Advertiser Relations

MONTREAL — Online adult ad traffic market specialist AdXpansion announced the appointment of Moody Jones to its advertiser relations section.

"Moody comes to us with experience in everything from agencies to startups," AdXpansion Vice President Nigel Williams said. "I'm confident that the addition of Mr. Jones to our sales team will help our advertisers large and small achieve a positive ROI on their ad spend."

AdXpansion recently announced the addition of over 90 million new impressions daily to its adult ad network.

A full-time professional with experience in online advertising dedicated to helping advertisers maximize their returns was a must, Williams said.

"I look forward to working with all my advertisers through the optimization and bidding process," Moody said. "And if you haven't worked with AdXpansion recently, contact me and I'll help you get the traffic you need."

Since their launch in late 2009, AdXpansion has built its brand by providing innovative features such as targeting adults using keywords, their first-to-market in-player ad solution, and an XML feed for their exclusive text ads with images.

AdXpansion recently launched a powerful optimization tool that offers advertisers greater control over their ad spending.

Jones can be reached at