MiKandi Releases Google Glasses App — Again

LOS ANGELES — After a start/stop attempt at providing the first adult “Tits & Glass” app for Google Glasses, MiKandi today debuted a modified, cleaned-up version that boasts “non-pornographic” photos of beautiful models from top photographers.

The original app was banned by Google shortly after it was announced for violating its no-porn policy that prohibited nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.”

A MiKand team blog posted today said, “Earlier this month, MiKandi launched the world’s first Google Glass porn app, Tits & Glass. That very same day, we became aware that Google had recently revised their developer policies to prohibit adult content on the device. Long story short, we quickly disabled the app and have been working diligently to get a new app out that adheres to their updated policies.”

The revised “glass-safe” app now includes a porn filter. If the photos are too explicit, they are tagged NSFW and can only be shared through the MiKandi web app.

But the developers said, “fret not,” and explained that users can still share can sexy POV content on TitsAndGlass.com.

“And because we don’t want you to get totally bored with your now-kinda-boring device, we partnered with top photographers around the globe to preload the app with irresistibly hot, 'non-pornographic' photos of some of the world’s most beautiful models. You can access, vote, and comment on these photos through Glass. Yay!”

The new app is preloaded with Glass-safe images from MiKandi Theater studio partners Burning Angel, Private Media Group, Orgasms.xxx,  Zen Garage, Jay Cinista at Gorgeous Killers, and Alexander Tikhomirov.

To see how the app works visit TitsAndGlass.com.