Falcon Studios Releases 'Buck Naked'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studio’s new feature “Buck Naked” is now available on the company’s official website and includes a special gift with purchase. It will be released in retail stores and web-wide on June 18.

Director Steve Cruz’s “Buck Naked” shows what happens when a group of guys, including Falcon/Raging Stallion exclusives Ryan Rose and Shawn Wolfe, are sequestered in a secluded cabin.

“Filming sex, for me, is about stripping away the unnecessary layers and getting to the naked passion between men,” Cruz said. “That’s what ‘Buck Naked’ is all about: hot sex in a cozy cabin. And the men have little between them except perfectly chiseled abs.”

The film features Rose in his first bottoming performances, coupled first with Tyler Wolf and then Shawn Wolfe.

Landon Conrad is distracted from his reading by a horny Logan Vaugn, who wants, and eventually succeeds in, getting topped by Conrad.    

Bodybuilders Marcus Ruhl and Angelo also co-star as cabin buddies, whose muscles meet in an anal scene.  

“The action Steve Cruz captured in this movie is exceptional," Falcon/Raging Stallion President Chris Ward said. "While every scene is amazing, the flip fuck between Rose and Wolfe ranks in list of Falcon’s most amazing scenes. These guys have chemistry and they are terrific erotic performers.”