pjur Group's Russian Partner Hosts 1st Trade Show

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group announced today the success of its Russian partner, Erotic Fantasy’s first-ever  “The Vendor’s Show” held on May 29.

The inaugural event, held at "a stylish Moscow hotel" was attended by 300 invited guests — some of whom traveled 10 hours to get to the event — who had the opportunity to see an array of products at the vendor booths.

Pjur and the five other partners of Erotic Fantasy prepared unique products presentations. The exclusive pjur presentation, hosted by the company’s founder and CEO, Alexander Giebel, included six new products and demo videos that were introduced in a Russian-language version available to the attendees on USB sticks.

“The customers are extremely interested in our products and what’s behind them,” Giebel explained. “Many of them approached us after the show to give thanks for the great kind of information and to congratulate us on the Sexy Six.”

After the presentations Erotic Fantasy treated the visitors to a show of popular performance artist Pavel Petel.

The organizers said they were very pleased with the turnout and press coverage.

“Our partner has done a great job,” Giebel added. “I am sure that this in-house trade show will establish itself in the market, and I feel that the event will improve communication with our distribution partners in Russia.”