The Screaming O Introduces 'RingO Rangler' Erection Rings

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has introduced the “RingO Rangler” collection of stretchy erection rings.

Each ring in the three-piece collection comes with unique texture, contours and snug fit. Included are the thick-ridged Spur, the studded Cannonball, and the contoured Outlaw — three stretchy and firm rings that help control premature ejaculation while keeping the penis hard and strong.

“The new RingO Ranglers are a cohesive collection with three unique fits and sensations that leave both partners yelling, ‘yee-haw’ all night long,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said.

She added, “We were inspired by design elements straight out of a spaghetti western to create a line of effective erection rings with a fun and hokey style that true cowboys can appreciate. And with matching merchandising tools retailers can take shoppers through RingO Rangler Territory as they lasso their favorite style — or take home all three.”

The Cannonball has built-in solid SEBS pleasure balls that help give stronger erections. It also includes a strap-on stretchy erection band for the base of the shaft and testicles.

Outlaw is a thick SEBS erection with solid bullet-like studs built in to mold to the shaft as it gets hard, conforming and stretching to offer a snug and secure fit. Each stud presses pleasure points around the shaft for concentrated stimulation and more powerful orgasms.

The Spur erection ring is anatomically designed with inner ridges that support the shaft and testicles, and stays in place no matter what the action.

To order the collection contact a Screaming O distributor or email for more information.