PussyCash Launches Niche Webcam Sites

CYPRUS — PussyCash announced today the launch of a series of webcam niche sites beginning with gay site, Supermen.com and Shemale.com.

The company said the new sites were created in an effort to offer even more profitable promotion options for webmasters.

Each site will be dedicated to a different niche and will offer a wide range of possibilities for users.

In addition to webcam sites, PussyCash said it also intends on integrating other types of sites into their collection, including matching and content sites.

PussyCash said, “We are proud and excited to be launching our new series of webcam niche sites. It has been proven that users feel comfortable interacting via webcam on sites that are dedicated to their preferred niche. We are expecting considerable traffic for these sites and are especially excited about the first two sites of the series to be launched — Supermen.com and Shemale.com.”

Webmasters who are new to PussyCash can sign up immediately. For more information on the sites visit PussyCash.com.