's 'The Bangover' Now Streaming

NEW YORK CITY — A new episode from the “Roadstrip” series on is now available to watch online.

The third edition of the ongoing reality show, "The Bangover," starring the snarky duo, Jake Bass and Max Ryder, chronicles the boys’ adventures as they continue their road trip across the U.S. to their intended destination, the 2013 Cybersocket Awards in Los Angeles.

The footage at the Cybersocket Awards gives viewers the unique experience of watching the award show through the eyes of the performers, who can’t help but end up implicated in sexy wiles and raucous parties. 

A series of guests appear on redcarpet, including Sister Roma, Mick Lovelll, Zach Sire and Bass and Ryder’s biggest fanboys — th bloggers who follow their careers.

The following night, Bass and Ryder drink and dance until their consciousness wanes. They bring back two cuties JD and Aiden to their room at the W hotel and a debaucherous foursome ensues. When the sun rises, Ryder is slumped over a table with an empty alcohol bottle protruding from his ass.

The boys end up snagging Cybersocket’s Best Sex Scene award for “Project Go Go Boy” and engaging in a slew of impromptu explicit encounters, but the real excitement of the show lies in the liminal, unscripted space between events and sex scenes.