Bizpowa's 'Feel Like Home' Meeting Slated for May 18

PARIS —, the French adult webmaster message board, is planning its annual meeting in Paris later this month.

The show, called "Feel Like Home," is now in its fifth year and will be held at the Hotel Edmond in Paris on May 18.

Considered the largest of all French webmaster meetings, the event is a reunion of sorts for Bizpowa message board members, according to Bizpowa's owner, Paul.

"People are really looking forward going to this event," Paul told XBIZ. "It creates good opportunities to do business."

Paul said that about 180 French-speaking adult webmasters attend the show each year and that Bizpowa has about 5,000 members who've posted 600,000 messages.

"Bizpowa is not only a website but a real community," he said. "People feel free to talk about general subjects and are always helped with everything. We have incredible examples of people helping each other."

Sponsors of  "Feel Like Home" include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and, and

"Feel Like Home" will be held Saturday, May 18, at Hotel Edmond, 22 Avenue de Villiers, Paris 75017.