KEY by JOPEN Wins Best New Product Range Award

Ariana Rodriguez

QUEENSLAND, Australia — KEY by JOPEN received the Best New Pleasure Product Range Award from Calvista Australia.

“It’s a great honor for KEY by JOPEN to receive this esteemed award from Calvista Australia,” said Susan Colvin, president and CEO of JOPEN. “The entire team at KEY worked very hard to bring a luxurious and affordable line to the market, which makes this accolade especially validating.”

The award was presented during the AdultEx Show on Saturday, April 27. Winners were chosen by a committee comprised of wholesale and retail professionals who look at performance in the criteria over a 12-month period.

“KEY by JOPEN is a breakout phenomenon around the world and incredibly deserving of the Best New Pleasure Product Range Award,” says Michael Basset, CEO of Calvista Australia. “For the last several months everyone has been talking about the KEY Collection. The clever packaging, premium body-safe Shin-Etsu Silicone, innovative technology and the fantastic price point make KEY by JOPEN a winner.”

KEY by JOPEN was unveiled in September and has been at high-profile events like Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party where it was featured in the exclusive VIP suites inside the KEY by JOPEN Celebrity Lounge.

The KEY Collection includes several different styles, including Ceres, Charms, Comet, Io, Nyx, Pyxis, Stella and Vela.

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