Fun Factory USA Unveils New Line, In-Store Displays

BURBANK, Calif. — Fun Factory USA launched two new store displays and a line of 10 new battery toys at the International Lingerie Show last week.

According to the company, the entire stock of displays was bought up.

Fun Factory introduced a large store display as well. The “Roundy” is a circular piece of furniture designed by a German architect and made in the U.S. It measures five feet in diameter and provides more than 10 feet of shelving area for testers. Frederic Walme, CEO of Fun Factory USA said, “we had a few prototypes in stock and sold them all the first day of the show.”

Additionally, Fun Factory unveiled its new line of compact-size battery toys, retailing between $50 and $70. Director of Marketing Emilie Rosanvallon says:

“There is a market for powerful battery operated silicone toys in this price range — consumers are looking for a vibe in the $50-60 price range that does more than just tickle them and has a more tasteful design than big jelly rabbits. We bring high-end motors, design and materials at affordable price,” said Emilie Rosanvallon, director of marketing for Fun Factory.

Most of the new battery toys in the line use the same design as an existing rechargeable Fun Factory toy. The company used its best selling shapes for this new battery line in order to ensure great and immediate sell-through for the retailers.

April Lampert, Sales Manager at Fun Factory USA added, “Buyers at ILS were excited about being able to offer consumers a choice between the Ocean rechargeable and the Ocean battery for example. The battery model we just launched has an optimized motor, six speeds and six patterns and it’s submersible — all for $20 less than the Click n’ Charge model. This is great for consumers with a smaller budget who love the shapes of our rechargeable minis but do not have $90 to spare. The new battery line also features a brand new design: the Gigolino, a great success at ILS. “

Fun Factory also showed the Theken Display at ILS. Only 14 inches in diameter, it fits on most counters and shelves. It can hold two toys and holds instructional toy cards.

 “We launched the Theken display in January and gave it out to to stores who carry the Stronic,” Walme said. “Now many retailers are using it for the rest of our line as well. They really help sell our higher priced items.”