Australian Sex Party Seeks Candidates for Federal Election

MELBOURNE, Australia — The Australian Sex Party has issued a call for candidates to run in the 2013 Federal election scheduled for September.

The organization said this election would be one of the most important that Australians will see in a lifetime considering that The Conservatives are positioned to take a majority of the votes that could take Labor two or three elections to recover from.

Additionally, the polling numbers for both Labor and the Greens are such that it is very likely see some minor parties pick up Senate seats across the country.

“The good news is that the Sex Party is definitely in with a chance, but the bad news is that the religious right and their splinter groups are also very much in contention for these Senate seats as well,” the Party said.

To keep a proper balance, the group said it needs to do field candidates in as many Victorian lower house seats as it can. “At this stage we are looking for expressions of interest from people who are prepared to consider standing in a seat for the Sex Party. There is no obligation at this stage. We will contact you shortly with a comprehensive information package to explain what is involved, what is required from you."

The organization also said it needs support to help Party President Fiona Patten win in Victoria and be sent on to the Canberra Parliament.

Those interested in running can contact Chrissy Cutler at, or by calling the main office at +61 3 9347 2332.


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