's Paid Text Ads Go Live

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — ICM Registry on Wednesday rolled out paid text ads used in search engine

"Similar to Google, [we've] added in the ability to put in text ads against certain keywords," ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley told XBIZ.

Last fall, ICM Registry issued every .XXX domain owner an ad credit of $75 per domain to use for paid text ads at, which uses the same technology as most mainstream search engines but is exclusively for adult entertainment.

Ads on Search.xxxdon't displace organic search results, Lawley said, who went on to notethat developed .XXX sites that are listed in the organic index will continue to receive all of the benefits and traffic from at no charge.

"Yesterday it went live, so .XXX site operators can now use their ad credits we have then to get extra traffic from search .XXX and if they exhaust the credits we gave them they can buy more ads if they wish," Lawley said.

"We are already getting click through rates of up to 12 percent on some of the ads that have been submitted."