Topco’s Climax, Transformer Penis Extensions Back in Stock

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales announces the return of Climax brand Climax Kits and CyberSkin Transformer Penis Extensions, now currently available in stores and online.

Each Climax Kit includes a single speed vibrator and accessories (which can be used with other toys): a stretchy nubbed sleeve, stretchy finger tip vibrator, multi-purpose love ring, stretchy, vibrating bunny love ring with tickling ears or two self-adhesive textured, vibrating nipple covers.

The CyberSkin Transformer Penis Extensions expands penis length from 1-1/2 to 4 inches with Regular and Xtra Thick options. Some models feature a removable single speed vibrating bullet. All of the models include a 1 fl. oz. bottle of Climax lubricant and a .3 oz bottle of CyberSkin Renew.

“We’re really excited to see these products return to the market,” Product Development Manager Gerardo Ramos said. “Both of these products are consistent top sellers and people, not just retailers, but consumers as well, are always asking for them. So we do our best to give the people what they want.”