Reporo Launches Advertiser Redirect Network Service

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Reporo launched a new service today designed to optimize advertiser redirect campaigns.

The company said 'The Branded Redirect” service follows the success of its Pop-Under and Interstitial Ads and is the next step in campaign optimization, with benefits for both mobile users and advertisers.

Reporo explained that when using redirection or pop-under campaigns for advertising, often the mobile user is sent to a foreign landing page. The new service reassures the user that they have not landed on a foreign or faulty page, and improves the time a user spends on the advertising landing page, thus driving more interactions, decreasing probable bounce rates, and generating more clicks to boost the conversion ratio.

The Branded Redirect uses a number of publishers integrated in the Reporo Network to implement a small banner-like image on the top of the advertiser landing page. The system will establish which was the original non-mobile optimized site that the mobile user was searching for, and “brand” the redirection accordingly. The result delivers a greater experience for the user, and a proven solution for conversion optimization.

“We were looking at ways to optimize client conversion ratios and reduce the bounce rate on advertisers' landing pages. Not only have we achieved this, but in addition, have improved the user experience,'' Neil Ives, operations director said.

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