Fine Ass Marketing Celebrates 3 Years, Unveils New Website

LOS ANGELES — Fine Ass Marketing, a boutique public relations and marketing firm, is celebrating its third year in sexual health, wellness, and entertainment marketing and PR.

Under the leadership of award-winning marketer Adella, Fine Ass Marketing retains an extensive client list, for which the FAM team offers its customized attention.

In time for its third anniversary, Fine Ass Marketing has launched a new website to better serve its clientele. Clients, both current and potential, may click here for more information on FAM’s services, philosophies, and staff.

In addition to Adella’s role overseeing all marketing aspects of the company, the team consists of long-time associate Christopher Ruth as FAM’s director of operations and public relations. The Fine Ass Marketing team also consists of Executive and Event Coordinator, Beverly, Lead Researcher Nathan Donahoe, and Contributing Writer Tod Hunter. FAM has also announced its newest team member, Kelly Shibari, as executive of media and social relations.

Adella, the 17-year industry veteran owner, remarked, “Each person on the FAM team brings a unique skill set, which perfectly complements the whole. I couldn’t do any of it without the life experiences, which brought me to open FAM, or without my team. I would especially like to thank Chris Ruth for being an absolute rock — through not only our best times, but also our most challenging times. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to do any of it — keep the clients happy, or build the team to such perfection.”

“Our business has moved almost entirely into the sexual health and wellness niche,” Adella continued. “I am positively in love with each of our amazing, ethical, brilliant, beautiful clients and their missions. I am so honored to represent them, and so grateful for their loyalty and support. It is truly a joy to be in business.”

Adella said is very selective of her roster and only takes on "unique, sex-positive clients with non-competing demographics." Regardless of the niche, if Adella represents it, "the product, company, or person assuredly embodies the best in the industry."

“I’ve been dealing with Fine Ass Marketing since its inception, and their work ethic and degree of professionalism makes them the industry’s go-to public relations firm,” said AVN Media Network founder and Plausible Films, LLC partner, Paul Fishbein. “I’ve had a great experience working with them in the past and plan to do so for a long time into the future.”

Contributing writer to CNBC, Yahoo!, and Variety, Chris Morris, said, “I know I can always count on the FAM team to help me get the stories that are relevant to the audience I’m writing for. They are responsive, well informed, and flexible. They’re also some of the most well-connected people in their industry, and have been invaluable to me on countless occasions.”

Freelance journalist Amanda Hess added, “I was lucky Adella and Chris were among the first people I met, because they’re two of the most pleasant, reliable, and honest marketing folks I’ve met in any industry. Here’s what I love about them: They are very nice. They don’t bullshit me. They don’t shove angles down my throat. They send me leads that are actually relevant to my work, and don’t spam me with irrelevant stuff… They are just extremely helpful and then they let me do my job.”

Fine Ass Marketing offers custom marketing and branding plans, press releases, wire services, international media access, screener services, on-the-set articles, media prepping, social networking start-up, and staff instructional courses, as well as personal referrals for media, studios, talent, and crew. An additional facet of FAM includes talent services, specializing in appearances, hosting, store signings, magazine coverage, photo shoots, and crossover opportunities such as music videos, movies, and television.

Since the launch of Fine Ass Marketing in 2010, FAM’s clients received exposure in media publications, shows, and websites in the world.