ECN Now Shipping Zolo Pleasure Cups, Pocket Pool

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — Zolo Pleasure Cups and Pocket Pool balls are available now and shipping from all three East Coast News warehouses.

The collection of real-feel masturbators offers users a range of textural experiences in the form of seven disposable cups and six compact sleeves. Each Zolo item features patent-pending designs and body-safe materials. The cups are pre-lubricated and feature an air control hole to adjust suction. The Pocket Pool balls include a packet of premium lubrication and are designed for travel.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to get these products onto retail shelves everywhere,” Adult Brand Concepts’ Sales Representative Jason G. said. “This line has a lot going for it — awesome designs, vibrant packaging and an ad campaign that has keeps everyone laughing!”

Adult Brand Concepts officially launched the complete Zolo lineup at an East Coast News event in Florida earlier this month, and the response was overwhelming, the company says.

“We knew the demand would be incredible,” ECN Sales Manager Alan Mandell said. “After the show, we were stunned by the influx of orders.”

Throughout the introductory and “soft launch” period prior to the release, East Coast News has been preparing for the demand by stocking their New Jersey, California and Florida warehouses, as well as training their sales staff to ensure everyone was ready.

Following a successful trip to Expomark in Puerto Rico, Adult Brand Concepts ramped up production to meet the anticipated demand. “All in all, this has been a very encouraging product roll-out,” Jason G. said.

Zolo Cups and Zolo Pocket Pool from Adult Brand Concepts are available now from East Coast News. All interested retailers can contact their ECN account representative, email , call (800) 999-2483 or visit To reach Adult Brand Concepts, contact Jason G. at (855) 612-6100, extension 5100.