Rocco Siffredi to Release Parody of Italy's 'X Factor'

LOS ANGELES — Rocco Siffredi took inspiration from his home country to create his first entry in the porn parody genre, “XXX Fucktory,” subtitled “The Parody Italian Style.”

The hard-ore comedy will be released by Evil Angel on April 1, appropriately enough.

“Normally I am not a big fan of parody,” Siffredi said. “Parody for me means comedy, and when people are laughing, they cannot jerk off at the same time. That kept me always a little far away from this.”

A special starlet’s striking resemblance to a celebrity on the Italian “X Factor” televised talent competition changed his mind. “I met Emylia Argan, the true alter ego of Arisa, the Italian singer and star judge of ‘X Factor’ in Italy,” Siffredi explained. “I was completely smashed and I had no doubt that I had to do something with her. So at that point I decided to make ‘XXX Fucktory’ as a parody of the four Italian judges in ‘X Factor.’”

In managing to balance his movie’s comic and sexual needs, Siffredi found a fresh filmmaking spark. “I discovered a side of me which I never explored before directing comedy,” he said. For that comedic side Siffredi benefitted from the “big help of my cousin Gabriel Zero, who wrote the script,” not to mention the manic shenanigans of some versatile on-camera talent. “The movie is lots of fun, with funny moments thanks to Omar Galanti and Mike Chapman. They are fantastic comedians,” Siffredi said about two of his movie’s male sex performers.

In the wild and wacky “XXX Fucktory” talent show, contestants have theatrical sex in front of an absurd panel of costumed judges. And the real judges have taken notice: “I have received phone calls from all of the [Italian ‘X Factor’] judges, and all were enthusiastic that I make this movie,” Siffredi said.

Alongside the comedic madness, Siffredi’s movie maintains a crazy sex vibe. The legend himself performs stud service in two scenes, one with his muse Argan. In another scene, Argan gets ravaged by Galanti (himself an Evil Angel director from Italy). For the first time in one of his videos, Siffredi has included what he calls a “Rocco Reverse POV, which is me in front of the camera. Behind the camera is a girl, and I am masturbating for her.” The idea was “basically to make women happy, and hopefully I can imagine many gay fans will appreciate it.”

The allure of parody porn combined for the first time with Siffredi’s sexual star power makes for a potent cocktail. He seems to have fans covered no matter what kind of fun they’re seeking. “If they cannot laugh, I hope they can jerk off,” he said.

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