Video Secrets Launches Pay-Per-Lead Program for Affiliates

Bob Johnson

CALABASAS, Calif. — Video Secrets has launched its new pay-per-lead (PPL) program designed for affiliates to receive payouts for free signups on, rather than when the customer makes a purchase.

The company said the new payout model gives affiliates more flexibility because their traffic converts to revenue quickly; allowing them to reinvest in their own traffic. The PPL program is paying up to $2 per confirmed lead.

Users can sign up with only a three-field registration form that offers an optimized user experience with many calls to action, and a free trial offer.

“The affiliate industry continues to evolve and we are staying ahead of the curve with our PPL program,” Brad Estes, manager of operations said. “Affiliates are learning how to monetize their traffic efficiently and reinvest it month after month with compounding residuals.”

Affiliates with more complex tracking and monitoring systems can use special tools in the company’s PPL system to take their promotion efforts to the next level. Video Secrets said it supports subID tracking, cookie-based click-level tracking and success-page pixels all which can feed real-time data back into the affiliate’s systems. These methods have been advanced and battle-tested in the mainstream industry and now they are available to adult live cam affiliates as well.

The PPL program is just one of many new programs to be rolled out by Video Secrets in 2013 in an effort to help affiliates monetize their visitors. Affiliates who currently promote rev-share or PPS (pay per-sale) offers are not affected by the introduction of the PPL model.

For more information on the PPL program click here, or email

New affiliates interested in joining the program must email to apply.