German Court Orders Operator to Pay €144K for Infringement

MUNICH — The former operator of has been found guilty by a Munich district court for allowing copyrighted content, including porn, to be traded freely on the file-locker site.'s operator, known by the name Deniz C, was found guilty of commercial copyright infringement and ordered to pay €144,000, or about $188,000, according to a report on Torrent Freak was launched in 2006 and offered an upload maximum of 250MB per file, according to the report. By 2007, the file locker site was selling premium accounts and offering uploaders €4 for each uploaded file downloaded 1,000 times. The site is now closed; however,, complete with similar branding, has taken its place.

Deniz C appealed the sentence, claiming he had net income of only €7,300, but the court rejected his stance after photographs on Facebook depicted the now-Swiss resident in a luxury apartment overlooking a lake, wearing an expensive watch, and alongside his Lamborghini.

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