Ron Jeremy Mentioned in 'Oscars' Monologue

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — It’s a good thing Ron Jeremy’s heart has been repaired because it could have skipped a beat when Oscars host Seth MacFarlane mentioned the everyman porn star in his opening monologue at the 85th Academy Awards presentation.

Porn made headway into mainstream big time last night  — to the tune of 1 billion viewers — after MacFarlane’s humorous self-deprecating remark mentioned he was chosen after everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Ron Jeremy declined the host job.

"I honestly can't believe I'm here," MacFarlane said, adding, "It's an honor that everyone else said 'no.' From Oprah all the way to Ron Jeremy."

Jeremy may have been last in line in MacFarlane’s quip, but the fact that a porn star penetrated Hollywood’s biggest night is a testament to mainstream’s continuing love affair — and acceptance — with all things adult.

In typical MacFarlane “Family Guy” style, MacFarlane also kicked up the sex with a musical number called “We Saw your Boobs.”

MacFarlane’s monologue and the song can be seen on Buzzfeed.