Ron Jeremy, Out of Hospital, Vows to Change His Diet

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult entertainment icon Ron Jeremy has been released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center nearly three weeks after he suffered a heart aneurysm.

Jeremy, 59, revealed to the New York Daily News that he was “extremely close” to death after doctors discovered the aneurysm near his heart. Doctors immediately performed emergency surgery.

He reportedly checked out of the hospital last week and is now convalescing at a hotel in Hollywood.

 “I came very close to death," he told the Daily News. "I guess I have a very, very strong will to live.”

Jeremy said he lost 45 pounds in weight during the ordeal and has now vowed to change his diet.

“Eating healthy food is depressing, but it’s keeping me alive," he said. "My dad is 94 and still going strong. He got mad at me for this. He jokes that he and my mom gave me the perfect body, and I screwed it up.”