Red Apple Media Offers Outsourced Membership Support

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media on Monday said that it is now offering outsourced membership support.

The company already is a leading provider of managed web hosting and media delivery services, offering cloud hosting, managed dedicated servers and other ecommerce packages.

Now, Red Apple is expanding its line of services to include outsourcing membership support.

"Outsourcing membership support helps your business grow and allows you to focus on what you do best not to mention will also relieve the stress of support calls and tickets that eats up so much of your time every day," the company says. "Red Apple Media’s membership support team will answer all your support tickets, engage in phone support and provide the customer with expert solutions."

Red Apple Media membership support offers:

  • Membership sites with streaming and download media;
  • Businesses that need IT support but not wanting to build their own support division;
  • Hosting companies that need extra “as needed” support and services;
  • E-Commerce site owners that need a webmaster;
  • US based support team;
  • End user support for membership sites;
  • Support both Windows and Mac users;
  • Increase membership retention;
  • Full reporting and audit records;
  • Custom SLA; and,
  • IPad/iPhone iOS and Android support.