Unveils Upgraded Website

CYPRUS — has unveiled its new upgraded website today.

The company said affiliates can now experience an easier way to use the website that includes new features like a dashboard with a user-friendly interface that allows comparisons with average webmasters earnings.

Other new features found under the new ‘Promote Your White Label’ section include updated Promo Tools, Advanced SEO Options, API, IFrame Generator, Traffic Tracker and the ‘Promote WebCamWiz Program’ that gives webmasters the option to refer new affiliates and earn $5 for every sign-up, or 3 percent lifetime rev share. 

“Because we truly value our affiliates, we want to give them the best possible experience we can, whether it relates to their earnings or their user-experience, WebCamWiz vice president Shay said.

He added, “Our goal with this new website was to expand on WebCamWiz’s solid design, improve upon existing features, and add new ones, creating a more exceptional product for our partners. I believe we’ve successfully done that. Let’s not forget we’re talking about a highly advanced white label generator that generates each new site to web/tablet and mobile platforms. It exclusively provides webmasters with the ability to choose their preferred business model, either 35 percent lifetime rev share or $75 payouts per unique sign-up; and, of course, to enjoy amazing bonuses each month on top of all that.”

The company noted that entire website has been redesigned with the user in mind. Every detail, from easy navigation down to the configuration of the dashboard, makes the new offering superior for webmasters.

To celebrate the new year, WebCamWiz is offering affiliates an extra 50 percent reward bonus on every sign-up or on the earnings they receive in January just for reaching their goals. New webmasters who reach their low targets will receive a $300 welcome bonus.

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