Eldorado Trading Unveils New Corporate Brand, Marketing Campaign

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado Trading officially unveiled its new “Legend” corporate brand and global marketing campaign today.

The distributor updated its logo and added a new Eldorado icon to its corporate identity. The company also rejuvenated its website, print advertising and social media channels.

Eldorado's "2 Brians" will debut the new icon at the ANME trade show in Burbank.

"The Eldorado brand stands for education, selection and above all an experienced team dedicated to customer service," CEO Larry Garland said. "Our updated messaging cements our status as a leader in the marketplace by highlighting what makes Eldorado unique from our competition."

After offering the industry a teaser last month, Eldorado's new Legend campaign establishes Eldorado's key differentiators — the expertise of its employees, its impressive collection of educational resources, and its unparalleled lingerie selection.

The company noted that it will also release a number of new Legend-themed print advertisements in the months ahead.

Eldorado noted that the advertising campaign and rebranding initiative represents the most significant advertising and brand-recognition effort the company has undertaken since it was established more than 30 years ago.