Entrenue Debuts Velv’or Male Rings

PHOENIX — Entrenue has introduced Velv’or luxury gentlemen jewelry to the adult market with a collection of C-rings ergonomically shaped to follow the natural curves of the male body.

The one-of-a-kind pieces feature a rounded extension that provides consistent pressure on the perineum for harder, longer erections and stronger orgasms and, unlike traditional C-rings, Velv’or is made to be worn long term as an everyday luxury.

Velv’or’s ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the company’s Bespoke line of couture C-rings made of precious metals featuring the brand’s signature curvature.

The J’Naja ready-to-wear C-ring is made by way of a production process using nylon fiber from the Netherlands. This C-ring can be worn all day long for a satisfying “enringed” sensation while enjoying constant prostate massage.

The J’Boa ready-to-wear C-ring is a fully adjustable boa-style ring with a handcrafted metal bead that slides into place for a secure fit. The C-ring comes packaged in a designer tin with instructions included.

“Velv’or is one of the most intriguing intimate accessories for men we have ever come across and after seeing each refined piece in person, it was clear that Velv’or would be the latest addition to the Entrenue lineup,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Head designer Jelle Plantenga shares our eye for refinement and savvy design and each of his pieces is extremely special.”

The J’Naja is naturally dyed black and will de-color over time as it adjusts and conforms to a man’s own unique shape, just like his favorite pair of stonewashed denim jeans, the company says. The J’Naja is designed in the Netherlands and hand finished in Europe and available in 45MM, 50MM and 55MM sizes.

Velv’or gentlemen jewelry features thoughtful packaging with artful design for optimal retail shelf appeal. Full displays are available upon request.

For more information about Velv’or please call (800) 368-7268, email orders@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.