TMZ: James Franco Planning Project With's Donna Dolore

LOS ANGELES — Actor James Franco’s penchant for porn has ticked up once again, this time with’s resident "fister," Princess Donna Dolore.

TMZ reported that Franco met with Dolore to discuss a new hush-hush project.

Dolore is featured heavily in “Kink”, a new documentary about the pioneering company produced by Franco, scheduled to debut at Sundance next month.

Franco was photographed getting cozy with Dolore wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the  BDSM director’s signature raised fist logo.

Dolore, who also performs in scenes for Kink, is a mainstay creative force and was behind the launch of Kink’s websites PublicDisgrace, BoundGangBangs and Kink’s latest site HardcoreGangBang. She also directs for WiredPussy and UltimateSurrender.

According to a 2008 Village Voice interview, Dolore identifies her sexuality as “queer.” "My sexuality lies outside the dominant culture of vanilla heteronormativity [sic]. I'm everything but straight. I like girls, I like boys, I like transgender boys and girls," Dolore said.

The director and sex educator also appears in the 2012 documentary “Public Sex, Private Lives” by Simone Jude (JUDE!), directed by Franco, where she is interviewed about the BDSM lifestyle and how it’s becoming less taboo.