AdXpansion Launches New Ad Unit for Publishers

MONTREAL — AdXpansion announced today the launch of its new margin ad units.

The company said the additions came about in response to publisher demands for more revenue from less intrusive advertising.

Margin ads are 160x600 banners that appear in the unused borders visible to surfers with increasingly wide screens. Unlike traditional ad placements, these margin ads put the emphasis back on the content, which lowers visitor bounce rate and increases CTR.

"We analyzed the most popular sites within our ad network and discovered that the publishers with the highest demand are those that don’t overwhelm visitors with ads but, rather, design their layouts around content and user experience,” AdXpansion vice president Nigel Williams said.

He added, “To answer this demand, AdXpansion has developed margin ad placements to offer publishers a new way to maximize content and still offer prime-time exposure to Advertisers, all without being intrusive to site visitors.”

Sites that are content-centric can also benefit from this ad placement without chipping away at existing real estate or compromising “clean” site designs, according to AdXpansion. The new margin ads stay pinned to the top of the page — permanently above the fold — in a prime spot that allows for continuous viewing no matter how long site pages scroll.

The feature is geared for tube sites, TGPs, MGPs, blogs, pay sites, and sites that sells adult novelty products.

Williams said, "We are confident that website owners will embrace the revenue opportunity that AdXpansion margin ad placements represent.”

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