Pink Visual, Huffington Post's Jincey Lumpkin Team Up on New Website

VAN NUYS, Calif. — In what's being described as a match made in "branding heaven," Huffington Post blogger Jincey Lumpkin has partnered with Pink Visual to launch a redesign and multiplatform version of Lumpkin’s lesbian erotica site,

The partners said the site is now fully compatible with mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

Pink Visual President Allison Vivas explained that the collaboration with Lumpkin grew out of an interview Vivas granted her for publication on Huffington Post earlier this year.

“Jincey interviewed me to get another perspective on what it’s like to be a woman running a company in a male-dominated field like adult entertainment,” Vivas said. “Later, Jincey told me that she would really like to upgrade her site a bit and that spurred a conversation that led to us handling the redesign. The project is ideal for Pink Visual, in many ways; we’ve been producing more and mo! re female-friendly and couples-friendly content, videos with more of an artistic flair, and Jincey’s content is definitely in that same vein.”

Lumpkin said that she’s proud of the new site, which she described as “high tech, gorgeous and really slick.”

"I'm absolutely thrilled to team up with Allison and Pink Visual,” Lumpkin said. “Our talents are really complimentary. Pink Visual is a visionary brand always ahead of the curve on innovation. Juicy Pink Box is about classic glamour presented in an accessible way. It's the perfect fit."

The main goal of Pink Visual’s redesign of JuicyPinkBox according to Vivas, is to “improve the site’s reach by making it broadly cross-platform compatible, especially for the growing population of porn viewing females.”

“Sitting back in a desk chair in front of a computer to enjoy adult entertainment may work out okay for men, but for women it's rather uncomfortable,” Vivas said. “Tablets and Internet capable e-readers now open up more opportunities for women to be more comfortable as they enjoy adult entertainment.”

Lumpkin added that Pink Visual couldn’t have been more successful in meeting its goals for the redesign. "The site finally looks the way I always wanted it to, and now the functionality is first class,” Lumpkin said. “It's a luxury experience in porn."

Pink Visual’s job was made easier by the fact that JuicyPinkBox had a lot going for it in its original form, Vivas noted.

“Jincey already had great content and an attractive site,” Vivas said. “While we did redesign the site graphically, as well, our primary task was to augment the site by making compatible with a variety of popular devices, from desktops to smartphones to tablets. We’ve seen data suggesting that women are over-represented among Kindle users, so we took special care to assure that the redesigned JuicyPinkBox looks great and functions flawlessly on the new Kindle Fire.”

JuicyPinkBox memberships sell at $3 for a three-day trial, $25 per month for a standard membership, $60 for a 90-day membership, and the volume-priced annual membership of $125.

Vivas said that the site would soon be available for webmasters to promote through, the official affiliate program of Pink Visual.

To see the new site and watch free promotional trailers, visit

Lumpkin can be followed on Twitter @juicyjincey, or her blog on the HuffingtonPost.