JOPEN Introduces EGO

Ariana Rodriguez

CHINO, Calif. — JOPEN has introduced its luxury line for men, EGO.

Susan Colvin, President and CEO of JOPEN, says, “The experts in the novelty industry — the buyers, distributors, and the media — all loved EGO the moment they saw it. I’m happy to say that EGO is in stock and rolling out of our Chino facility in plenty of time for the holidays.”
The EGO Collection includes the e1, e2, e3 and e4. The first three are rings. The e1 and e2 are the same design, with e2 made for men with larger girth. The e3 has scallops for extra sensations. The e4 is a prostate massager in a classic shape.

Robin Stewart, Brand Manager for JOPEN, says, “Like Vanity by JOPEN, EGO features the amazing PowerBullet. These products are the strongest and most powerful men can get. I encourage you pick up an EGO, feel the durable, body-safe silicone, and see for yourself how amazing EGO is!”

EGO is completely covered in silicone, and is rechargeable with an included universal USB cord, totally water-proof, and features incremental speed controls. EGO also features an instant on/off function. All EGO items have a premium Lithium Ion battery, security travel-lock, a one-year warranty, plus an optional 10-year replacement guarantee.

Watch for the acrylic EGO counter top display in stores. It highlights all the features of EGO and allows consumers to touch, hold and feel the products.

Al Bloom, director of marketing for JOPEN, says, “The EGO display is a must-have in retail stores. It’s lightweight and arrives complete; there’s nothing to assemble. It comes stocked with one set of testers and three of each product. The copy on the display calls out all the key features, it’s like a silent salesperson!”

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