Hustler Apps Added to MiKandi App Store

Rhett Pardon

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — MiKandi has added Hustler All Stars 1 Gold and Hustler All Stars 1 Premium to its adult app store.

"Adults can  now enjoy Hustler's all stars the way they’re meant to be seen — hot, nude and unedited," MiKandi officials said.

Hustler All Stars 1 Gold sells for $2.99, while Hustler All Stars 1 Premium goes for $4.99.

“We are pleased to bring these great new apps to our fans in true, hard-hitting Hustler style,”

LFP President Michael Klein said. “Our apps are well-designed, fun to use and feature

large amounts of high-quality video and images. Also, they’re scalable, so we can quickly deliver more to the marketplace.”

The MiKandi Market is free to download and supports Android devices only. The MiKandi Theater is available to customers on all touch devices, including iPhone and iPad.