L.A. Times Covers FSC Summit

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Times covered the 2012 FSC Summit on Nov. 8 at the Sofitel Hotel, filing a story about how the new mandatory condom enforcement law was the hot topic at the conference.

The condom law, which was contested as Measure B on the Nov. 6 ballot, may cause porn producers eventually to do business either outside of L.A. County or in other parts of the country, the L.A. Times reported.

"There was plenty of talk about lawsuits and of leaving for Las Vegas — of showing L.A. voters what losing 10,000 jobs would look like," the Times wrote. "One lawyer suggested moving production to another country or even out to sea on 'a love boat for real.'

"Still, participants conceded that part of what had landed them with voter-imposed regulations they did not want and insist they do not need was their own discomfort with stepping out of the shadows and exposing the way they do business."

L.A. Times City Beat reporter Nita Lelyveld interviewed Jessica Drake, one of the recipients of FSC's Positive Image awards that were given out that night, and veteran adult star Kylie Ireland, while also quoting FSC CEO Diane Duke.

"All those years of being under the radar means people could walk all over us," Duke said.

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