Former Bluebird Films Owner's Private Helipad Causing a Dust-Up

HERSHAM, England — Former Bluebird Films owner Paul Baxendale-Walker (aka Paul Chaplin) is causing a dust-up in his English town with the construction of a private heliport.

According to the Daily Mail, Baxendale-Walker plans to build the helicopter-landing pad on his $10 million estate in the tony Surrey neighborhood known as stockbroker central.

The local gentry are outraged at the 48 year-old businessman’s plans calling the concrete pad an eyesore that will ruin their lives because of the noise.

But Baxendale-Walker maintained that every Englishman’s home is his castle and there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing.

“I am completely entitled to have a helipad on my land. If they want a lift, they can just ask me,” he said.

The six-bedroom Burleigh House mansion was bought by the former porn king earlier this year from a property developer and is near the prestigious Burhill Golf Club. The controversial helipad is being built on two acres once owned by a part of the Burhill group, which was founded in 1926 to manage the estates of Lord Iveagh, who ran the Guinness whiskey empire.

Despite his wishes, a covenant on the land reportedly states that the area must remain as a paddock.

“We believe the helipad is totally inappropriate,” a Burhill Group spokesman said. ‘We are taking legal action and it is now in our solicitors’ hands.”

A local council spokesman said they are investigating the matter but planning permission would not be necessary.

Neighbors Jean and John Connell have lived in their house next to the proposed landing pad for 50 years.

“A few years ago it was a peaceful little backwater here. Now if this man is going to be allowed to get away with it you will have helicopters coming in, their friends arriving. He has got money coming out of his ears. He has got a Harley Davidson and a stretch limousine,” Jean Connell said.

“Nothing bothers him and he thinks with all of his money he can get away with it. He hasn’t even moved in yet. We’re both in our 80’s and want to have a peaceful old age,” she continued.

Last May, Baxendale-Walker exited the porn business to run Loaded magazine which he bought from Vitality Publishing through his company MPRO. He plans to add more glamor and girls to the magazine's content and launch Loaded TV that will include an adult channel.