New Video Marketing Techniques Boost Adult Website Traffic

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Responding to changes in adult website visitor volume and acquisition strategies, creative operators are combining content with marketing in innovative ways to drive website traffic.

One venue that may hold vast appeal is YouTube, which according to parent Google allows users to connect to a global or local audience with the emotional impact and interactivity of online video, via the Google AdWords for Video program.

“Reach the right viewer at the right price, pay only when users choose to watch your ad [and] create and manage campaigns with ease,” states the company’s website, which offers a variety of information specific to its services. Knowing where to put a video is not always as important as knowing what type of material to put on it, however — an especially important consideration for adult producers who tend to post the most explicit content available.

According to Regal Spri Creative Group CEO, C. Payne, video will continue to be the number one attention grabber for years to come, in part due to television’s ability to talk to us, entertain us and occasionally educate us. These benefits extend into the online realm, where for example, YouTube receives more than 4 billion global video views daily, from 800 million unique visitors every month.

Payne suggests that marketers make use of four major techniques for incorporating video clips into their promotional efforts — testimonials, interviews, how-to videos and event coverage — all of which have applications for adult content promoters.

“Testimonials are absolutely crucial if you’re interested in transforming your business and dramatically increasing sales conversions,” Payne stated. “Once you have the videos, plaster them prominently on your website, send out e-mail blasts to your email distribution list, and post it all over your social networks. People will instinctively trust your company more when they see and hear how other customers found your product/service useful.”

 You could solicit these recommendations in exchange for additional subscription time, credits or other compensation.

“No matter what industry you’re in, there are literally hundreds of executives, experts and household names that have a wealth of knowledge on your subject matter,” Payne explains. “Why not conduct and record simple interviews with these folks to drive traffic to your website and social networks?”

Expert advice is also a marketable commodity. Consider how tutorials showcasing video playback troubleshooting or instructions on how to purchase premium upgrades, can be used to bolster a brand.

“The idea is to record videos that help your audience (customers, potential customers and referrers) solve common problems and overcome obstacles that relate to your industry,” Payne stated. “Providing these valuable tips solidifies you as an expert in your industry and gives you a ton of exposure on networks like YouTube and Vimeo.”

Adult industry events also provide numerous opportunities to acquire usable footage, with content trades between performers, backstage antics and on-location shoots in the show’s hotel, logical choices.

“These opportunities don’t come around quite as much as the others, but when they do, it provides a very good source of content for your audience to consume,” Payne points out. “Consider recording pivotal moments at an industry tradeshow or even getting video at an awards ceremony in which someone in your organization is recognized.”

The annual XBIZ Awards show, for example, is a great place to grab some quick Smartphone footage of your favorite performer taking the stage — a perfect adjunct to a blog post promoting a specific star.

“Don’t worry about creating a Hollywood blockbuster, just grab a decent camera and start recording,” Payne advises. “Remember, this is just another way to keep your audience engaged and your brand at the top of their minds.”

However you go about it, promotional videos are a great way to drive traffic to your adult website.